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$uicideboy$ All Dogs Go To Heaven

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$uicideboy$ - All Dogs Go To Heaven
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Текст песни $uicideboy$ - All Dogs Go To Heaven
Leave them all burningTriple six degreesHeard they started hatingWanna murder theeYung Christ turned to SatanBless the devilishNow I get my joy from fucking chasing deathMomma raised a savage knew I wasn't averagePops seen me coming upHe knew I had the packageLet the 40 kickDrum roll with the sticksHands will fuck your jawKnow who you fucking with?Get the copper poppingChopperDaili LamaFeel like Silk the ShockerI'm a fucking problemStreets call me doctorScrew them then I chop themTwo cupsBottle filled with drugsLiver on the rottenRuger, chopper, dracoCult around me WacoViolence getting louderProjects getting wilderWhen I'm off a Xan. I'm quick to shoot the thangAin't a clock to see there ain't no time for a gameFuck them allShoot themLeave them in the yardGot a bunch of youngins around meTake the chargeFuck them allShoot themLeave them in the yardGot a bunch of youngings around meTake the chargeYeah we're all the same but we're separated by commasYeah we're all the same until we're all destroyed by cometsAlien invasion better run home to your mamaRuby ain't the problem solverI'm the cause of all your problemsBitch, I'm in NevadaA 51s I got emSnorting blue sand with my cosmic ensembleI don't give a fuck if they're pressedI still bought 'emFalling down like autumnCall him duck boyWatch him waddleFull throttle when I empty out the bottleWhen I empty out this clip that's full of fucking hollowsYou'll be lying horizontal looking like a modelScope is never toggledI was aiming for your nostrilNow, I'm aiming at your bitch's tonsilsI'm the queen of dramaFucking up your life?Yeah, all you gotta do I hollerYou wanna talk drip?Catch me chillen in the saunaSpent a couple dollars just to make a couple dollarsAll these bitches say my name as if it's something like the gospelAll these hoes apostles looking like they wanna gobbleLooking at me crazy like they've all been wearing gogglesPo' me up a 4I'm looking like a fucking waffleFeeling fucking awful
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