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Xavier Wulf & Bones HappensToTheBestOfUs

Xavier Wulf & Bones - HappensToTheBestOfUs постер
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Xavier Wulf & Bones - HappensToTheBestOfUs
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Текст песни Xavier Wulf & Bones - HappensToTheBestOfUs
I got haters staring at me through a peephole

Man down if you pull up with the

G1 let me shotgun in the evo

All for one, almighty I'm a hero

I can care less about a boy and his ego

Man seen us flying higher than the eagles

And I'll do it all again like it's a sequel

I'm looking down as I'm walking through the people

Here we are getting

It was a summer, we will never forget

There was nights I was by your side

You said "don't leave I said I ain't going nowhere

I put my best foot forward

You can say that I tried, you can go and cry

I will turn away for the very

Last time

You swore on everything you would change

Last time

You said you wouldn't hurt me, now my hearts in a cage
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