Xavier Wulf & Bones Suffer

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Xavier Wulf & Bones - Suffer
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Текст песни Xavier Wulf & Bones - Suffer
SESH never gave a fuck

Bass in the trunk is thumping

Nobody compares to us, no one is harder

Bitch all we make is progress

Every single year we’re dropping

We make a mess and you mop it


People they talk yeah, we be the topic

I can never be the one done up

I can never be an easy come up for none of you little suckers

They know better than try to run us

Ill bring a motherfuckin' ruckus to all you motherfuckers

I don’t give a fuck about no other

Only to the fam and my brothers, the rest of you can suffer

All the stars look the same from a distance

Get too close and just know

You might be disappointed at the difference
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